Pat Flanagan Experimental Sensor II 1976, pendant chain

by Andy on August 21, 2011

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Pat Flanagan Experimental Sensor II 1976, pendant chain Picture(s) and Description:


MODERN MEDICINAL CURE-ALL PENDANT: PAT FLANAGAN EXPERIMENTAL SENSOR II, 1976 with chain, number 63183, 38 mm bronze, circulated. See additional pictures at the links listed below. A picture of the REVERSE is included. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET. Sold at absolute auction without a reserve. Does it really work? Whether you lean toward the Penn & Teller view, or believe in Dr. Flanagan's healing powers, I suppose if you believe it works, it works. Here is a detailed report I found on the internet of someone who finds it very helpful: "The sensor is definitely a collector's item. Over the years they occasionally appear on eBay and sell for anywhere from $100 to $800, and even more for the rare silver and gold plated ones. "The Sensor is a form of advanced jewelry that incorporates the energy of shape. The spirals on the front and back of it are fibonacci spirals, creating a 2-dimensional vortex. The device's shape structures random (microwave, cosmic and other) energy in the environment, 'tuning' that energy in such a way that it is harmonious to the human biosystem. Wearing it can actually increase your energy up to 20%. There are various forms of testing to demonstrate this. One form of testing is kinesiology or 'muscle testing.' A good chiropractor should be familiar with kinesiology. Simply holding the sensor or wearing it causes all of your miridians to go into balance. When you're in balance, you can handle stress better, make better decisions, have more energy overall, etc. That is the purpose of the sensor. "The design principles are quite scientific, but one has to have a reference point to pass judgement. By that I mean, its not 'everyday science.' Dr. Flanagan is a bona fide genius and it generally takes the world 50+ years to catch up with geniuses like him. "Dr. Flanagan is the author of, Pyramid Power, Beyond Pyramid Power (about topological electronics and tensor fields), Pyramid Power II (rare), and several other scientific dissertations." CLICK ALL LINKS FOR ENLARGED/ADDITIONAL PICTURES: (OBVERSE) (REVERSE) (NOTE: To contact us, use the eBay E-mail system or our new direct link for eBay/PayPal business: website: We Ship Worldwide For the USA, shipping is $2.00 (First Class Mail) to confirmed PayPal addresses. PayPal is accepted. Shipping discounts will be applied if similar items are paid-for at the same time and can be shipped together in one package (add $0.50/additional item). Shipping elsewhere in general is $14.00 (International Priority Mail); buyer takes risk of loss unless insurance is desired at extra cost. Request an invoice if insurance is desired BEFORE PAYING. We accept PayPal and other methods of payment for the USA, but elsewhere, PayPal is required. [For many countries, a lower price ($2.50 for Canada, $4.00 for Germany, $3.50 for the UK, etc.) is available for non-priority First Class Mail; please inquire before using eBay check-out to pay]. We have been serving exonumia collectors since 1984. Florida residents must add 6-8 % sales tax (depends on county we ship to) or provide a valid signed copy of their Florida Resale Form DR-13. Ebay will add 8% tax to your bill. If a lower tax is correct, ask for an invoice before paying.

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